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Point HTML5 Themes

Point HTML5 Themes
point html5 themes
"Welcome to the responsive web!" In the last week or so this term has been thrown around everywhere, so often that even a lot of my clients are asking for a responsive design from the get go. This, to me, is really interesting because they never asked for a mobile or tablet version back in the day. Point HTML5 Themes is an elegant template corporate business. Professional Templates can be called as well. By Admin Panel statistical therein nice and beautify your skin every search page.

One would argue that mobile wasn't so mainstream and everybody was trying to imitate the IOS interface on the web, and I agree, it was bad, but that's not the only reason why clients are asking for responsive!? Somehow they think we turn responsive design on or off as we please and that it's just normal to have, so the price should stay the same. Well, it's not that easy.

Blogger Store, shopping template for blogger free download

Blogger Template Online Blogger Store of this very impressive. Dynamic design, features simple sliding menu and shopping cart. I love it and so many people from all over the world. I found this template use of e-Commerce websites from Brazil, Argentina and others. In fact there are impressions of Thailand on tutorial uses YouTube Blogger Store v2. Amazingly this template created by Web Designer Rifki Aria Gumelar Bandung native people and launching October 1, 2011.

In the template there are fewer problems regarding posting Global settings to make it look more leverage and fit the width. Some of the problems that occurred on the issue of the display and scriptHTMLCSS, or Javascript in store V2 blogger template. Among the issues on the V3 store blogger template is most common is the read more link is not working, currency or dollar that can not be changed, nor how to remove My Cart on the front page templates, and so forth.

Tutorial Editing Script :

How do I activate the link 'Read more' or 'More info' on store v2 blogger template under the picture of the product in order to get in on the product description page?
1. Log in to edit your template html
2. Click Edit Template.
Find the code below by pressing Ctrl + F and paste it in the colom find so easy to find:
<a class='more_info' href='javascript:;'> More info </ a>
3. Then replace the above code with the code below:
<a class='more_info' expr:href='data:post.url' expr:title='data:post.title'> More info </ a>
4. Click 'save template' and see the result must be successful!

Why simplecart store scripts in blogger template v2 does not work?

That's because you have not updated the latest simplecart url of the owner, that is by changing the script below:
<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>

Why display product images and slide products in store v2 blogger template that I downloaded does not seem obvious and irregular or not in accordance with the example of the demo?

That's because the first time you do a post products in store v2 blogger template and instantly see the results, at the time you publish a product that is not enough at least 6 products. Sure enough, after you enter and publish a minimum of 6 products.

How do I remove the read more / more info and add to cart?

Find this code and delete :
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != "static_page"'>
<a class='item_add' href='javascript:;'> Add to Cart </ a>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != "item"'>
<a class='more_info' expr:href='data:post.url' expr:title='data:post.title'> More info </ a>
</ b: if>
</ b: if>

I added some new features that do not exist in previous versions.
Here the features you can find on this :

  • SimpleCart.js v2.2.2.
  • This template still using SimpleCart.js v.2.2.2 by as ShoppingCart framework. Since I did some editing on this script, now you can using Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) for the currency. But it’s just a fake because Indonesian Rupiah currently not listed on Paypal.
  • Animated ShoppingCart
  • I added a little animation effects on shopping cart, at default position he would not be visible and show only the total item and the total price and will be visible if you click on shopping cart menu. It will further reduce the use of space on your blog page
  • I’ve added 2 pieces of dropdown menu, Top Secondary and Primary menu. I use superfish for it because I think superfish is better and give a softer effect than jQuery sliding menu on blogger store old version.
  • Automatic Featured Content with jQuery Carousel Fred.
  • As my framework I always using automatic methode for all of my template. and specially for Blogger Store v2 I’m using Automatic featured content from jQuery Crausel Fred v.4.5.2, this is automaticly work to displaying product by label or recent product. It can display from another source, just need a several setting.
  • Grid and List Style post integrated with jQuery Plugin.
  • This is a great one !! you will see two view style on this template, default is Grid style and will be change to List style if you click switcher button. This feature is integrated with jQuery Cookie Plugin, so the visitor can see style of the last time they visited.
  • Advanced Blogger Template Designer Support

This feature gives you flexibility to customize the background and color of template on Template Designer, so you can get unlimited color and unlimited font for your template, available for :
Body Background Color
Main Text Color
Font Style and Size
Text Link Color
Background Menu Color
Background and border for Shopping Cart Color
This template also have several additional features:
Social Bookmark Icon, Search Form Box
Ads Space Units
Animated Sponsors Logo
Pattern Background.
Magazine More Than News Template

I hope you like this template. Click here for how to installing and download this template.
Simple Faster Blogger Template V4

WP Polaroid blogger Magazine Template free download

wp-polaroid template

WP Polaroid is adopted from the wordpress template. This template is suitable for you a photography, people, and the internet category, pets, and cropping. WP-Polaroid is a free blogger template with 3 columns, magazine-styled, right sidebar and web 2.0 design.

Excellent layout for blogs about entertainment, food, internet, people or photography. The template is pretty cool and unique in my opinion. However, the default templates WP Polaroid that I think there is still a shortfall in terms of both functionality and appearance. Some drawbacks such as not to bring writing comments box below post, and this issue is perceived by many users.

Therefore, I did the editing on some elements that were not appropriate and not neat. Because of this template is the work of someone else so I'll keep lists of licensed original template. Well, since I no longer use it, the Polaroid WP template edits I mentioned I give to readers who want to wear them with some extra features and themes.

Its features include:
Look more beautiful and unique. This is done by changing the CSS, Code HTML and template structure.
Using beautiful images and optimized templates. It means that the images used are optimized in size making it lighter.
There are facilities "read more" or "read more". On the main page, shown partially post that blog becomes lighter when it first opened.
There is a dropdown menu. This menu is a menu that will appear when in the highlight of the sub-sub-menus other.
Form template to be better. One example is the part that has been given a border post.
There is a slide show menu
Become more cool search box

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Magduo Blogger Template
Magazine More Than News

Shop Store Blogger Template free

Hello Friends Its time to provide you best and beautiful blogger template"Shop Store Blogger Template free".
This is my First Blogger template conversion. ShopStore Blogger Template, This is wordpress theme and is converted to Blogger by me. i hope you enjoyed with this one.

  1. Go to Blogger dashboard > Design tab > EditHtml tab
  2. Backup Your Previous Template Once for your Safety
  3. Click on Browse Button and Select Shopstore Blogger Template
  4. Click on Upload Button and Click on Keep Widgets button.
  5. You are Successfully Done!
Modify Meta tags, Slider, Menu, Banner ads, FeedTwitter Buttons For your Own.
For other help Comment here! or Contact me.
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Free Premium Blogger Template (E Style )

E Style Free Blogger Template with Premium Template Features. This is a PSD template Actually designed by and i Converted to Blogger Template with great features. I usually takes 5-6 Hrs time to convert any template to Blogger template. but this template i taken almost TWO days time to convert it. because i focused on each and every small elements and Designed it specially.

Click the Image to Enlarge
E Style Layout


The Estyle template is available exclusively and totally free to Email subscribers of Way To Blogging (The Email Subscription Is Also Free).To get your copy immediately, simply add your Email to the form below and subscribe to our updates via Feedburner.As soon as you click sign up we will send you a confirmation Email, click the confirmation link and below it you will see the download link for the E style template.
No Subscriptions. Just Download! :D


  • 2 Column
  • Right Sidebar
  • White and Black Colors
  • Top Navigation Menu
  • Social Subscriptions Icons
  • Stylish Custom search bar
  • Jquery Main Navigation Animated Drop Down Menu
  • Image Slider with Content & Thumbnail
  • Auto Post Summaries with Images
  • Social Bookmarking Widget Installed
  • Related Posts Widget Installed
  • Custom Designed Popular Posts Widget
  • Custom Designed Follow by Email Widget
  • Stunning Comments Section 
  • Auto Highlighted Author Comments 
  • Twitter Stream at Footer
  • Animated Go to Top Button with Jquery 
  • 4 Column Footer Section


For more information on how to Upload/Use the template check out this Instructions Page.


Go to Blogger Dashboard -> Design tab -> Edit HTML
Click on Expand Template Widgets checkbox
Search for the Following Code
<!-- Main Menu -->
After that you will see a Link list items Customize it your own


Search for the Following Codes in Respect of the Change the URLs of the RSS, Twitter and Facebook.
<!-- RSS URL -->
<!-- Twitter URL -->
<!-- Facebook URL -->


i added the comment to each image element
Search for the following tag to change the Image Element
<!-- Image Element -->
Search for the following tag to change the Image Element Thumbnail
<!-- Image Element Thumb -->
Only Four Image Elements to be added to the slider.


Search for the Following Code and Change the way2blogging to your twitter User name.
<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>


You can Use this Template for Personal and Commercial Use.
You must keep the Footer links Intact.
You have no Permission to Re-Distribute the Template any where!
If you like the Template then Please Feel free to Share it! and leave your Comments.

Free Premium Blogger Template (Elite Minima)

Elite Minima is a Free Premium Blogger template designed by me with some cool Features. Now a Days all templates are Fixed width type and they are not support Blogger template designer. I am decided to make a template that support Blogger templates designer. YES!. This free Template Support Blogger Template designer and this is a Fluid Width, Pure Minimal, and Responsive Design.


Elite Minima : Free Premium Blogger Template
Elite Minima : Free Premium Blogger Template
Elite Minima : Free Premium Blogger Template


  • Fluid Width Template
  • 2 Columns
  • Supports Blogger Template Designer
  • Unlimited Color Skins :P
  • Minimal Style
  • Responsive Design
  • Cool Google Fonts
  • Automatic Thumbnail & Excerpts
  • Main Navigation Menu
  • Right Sidebar
  • 3 Column Footer Section.
  • Custom CSS3 Search box(by
  • In-Built Related Posts
  • In Built Sharing Buttons
  • Comes with Default Comments System as well as Threaded Comments System



In the Zip file you will find two templates. one is Threaded Comments Template and Other one is Default Comments Template. So be sure before uploading your template.
  1. Download Elite Minima Template File in Format .Zip & Extract it!
  2. Go to Blogger Dashboard > Design Tab
  3. Click on Edit HTML tab
  4. Click Download Full Template to Backup your Old Template(Important!)
  5. Click on Browse button
  6. Select the .XML template file Extracted from Zip and click Open button
  7. Click On Upload button
  8. Keep Widgets Option, Click on KEEP WIDGETS Button.
  9. You are Done!!


Since this template is Support Blogger Template Designer, so
  1. Go to Design > Template Designer tab
  2. You will find Background Option and Advanced Options.
  3. Let’s play around to get your unique color Scheme. :D
Here is another Dark Edition of Elite Minima Blogger Template Designed with Blogger Template Designer:)Elite Minima : Free Premium Blogger Template
Have you Liked this Free Template? Then please share this Free Template with your Friends. Thank You.
Faced any Problems with this template, then Leave a Comment below.


== 29/5/2012 ==
+ Fixed Thumbnail and small bugs.
+ On Readers Request, added Fixed width style with Responsive Design.
Support : Creating Website | Johny Template | Mas Template
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