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Get Free EDU BackLinks for blogger and websites

If you are searching for free .edu website to build b backLink, I invite you to read this article (How To Get Free EDU BackLinks) and get A list of free .edu backlink providing sites to increase your rank.

Why .edu BackLinks?
.EDU Backlinks are incoming links to a blog or website from .edu sites or blog that whav e power to increase your ranking in google and alexa.
backlinks from other then .edu site have also power but the power of .edu site will break all simple site and boost your ranking. Usually, edu sites are colleges or universities and they only link to valid resources and google trust them ,so if you get back links from this site that’s mean your site is doing good.

How To Get Free EDU BackLinks For your Blogger blog?
there is a tricky way that you can find a edu sites by searching in Google with these terms. Just copy the below lines and paste it in Google Search Engine, then start opening from No-1 and start buliding backLinks to get higher ranking. “blog” “log in / create account”
How To Get Free EDU BackLinks?
1.) Just Open The Following Links.
2.) Register Or Comment On These.
3.) Fill Your Correct Information With Your Site/Blog Link.
4.) Visit You Link On Second Day And Ping It.
5.) Your Site/Blog Is Ready To Rock.
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Why Blog Posts Were Not Shared And Commented?

Why Your Blog Posts Were Not Shared And Commented?Many newbie bloggers and some older bloggers were wonder why blog posts were not shared and commented by their audiences.
There were some reasons which force users to shares and comments on your articles. The below tips are some of those reasons..

Why Blog Posts Were Not Shared And Commented?

#1 articles is not unique and quality contents

Most of the people love to read educational articles which are fresh update information. They could learn about new knowledge which gives them the more experience and expertise learning.
You know?
They may want to share those value information or educational articles to their friends, colleges, and families since it valuable expertise development. That is a simple reason why blog posts were not shared and commented or nothing at all.
The readers will enjoy and share you articles, if you have written a quality post which included above benefits of learning.

#2 you have no private relationship

How many friends in your social media connection? And did you have a strong relationship with them?
Well, private relationship is majority reason of why blog posts were not shared and comment. I have 2k+ follower, 2k+ fans, and 1k+ friends connect, especially I have built strong relationship with those peoples.
Whenever, I shared some information into social media profile they always help to spread my information by shared and commented on the posts and make it popular social release. Therefore, to build a stronger relationship will configure out the problem and give you the answer why blog post were not shared and commented by other people.
I suggested you to spend at least 30 minutes to 1 hour daily to the community with others friend connect through to them and talk about some social relation.
  • Tips for Building Real Connections to Help Your Blog Succeed

#3 Shares unattractive posts

Some blogger just share only links which make other people complicated and wondering about what inside the link. Moreover, links could attract other social media users.
Now a day most of the people are very busy with their current job, thus they will never waste their time to click on some links and no valuable information.
The time constrain is another important reason of why blog posts were not shared and commented. Actually, most love to keep working and don’t want to interrupt their work without any benefit such your link.
To make those people skip their value time to click on your link you have to put some call actions such as added attractive image and brief information about value content inside the article.

#4 You Don’t have participant social media network group

Social media strategy is like WTO trading. None membership traders will gain less benefit from doing international trading.
You know there a group call CommentsDX which all members could exchange some comments with other members and gain the value of sharing to post of each other. When you ask a question why blog posts were not shared and commented, you should ask yourself that did you joint any networks or groups which benefit for increase more blog comments and sharing.
  • Proven Ways To Get More Traffic From Facebook

#5 you never share minds, why blog posts were shared and commented by me

When first time I start integrated social media as marketing strategy, I am afraid to share other bloggers and competitors posts.
I am really wondering about my audiences will move to other bloggers or to my competitors websites. But absolutely no, sharing other bloggers or competitors post will make audiences love you and enjoy more big resources of information entire your social profiles.
Sometime your post will be shared and commented by others since you always like or commented them.

Right now it is your turn

Thanks for reading my tip: why blog posts were not shared and commented. I think that it may not a unique idea to increase more share and comments, but I think that these above tips are still working. I believe that it will benefit for newbie bloggers to implement social media strategy.
Did I missed any point? Are you getting good comments and shares on your blog post?

Optimize your post title to H1 tags better SEO, seo tips

Increase SEO with h1 tag Blogger hack

This is an important SEO Blogger trick to increase SEO. Heading tags have a great importance in Search engine results, Heading tags helps Search engines to recognize what is important in your blog.Heading are form H1 to H6 .H1 tags have higher priority.So we are going to hack blogger template by changing H3 tags to H1 tags. By default blogger post title is in H3 tag,here is a trick to change it to H1 tag for more SEO.

  • Go to Blogger Account
  • Select Template -> Edit HTML [click Proceed
  • Find the code like below [Find easily using Crtl+F]
  • Or simply find <H3

<h3 class='post-title entry-title'>
      <b:if cond=''>
        <a expr:href=''><data:post.title/></a>
        <b:if cond='data:post.url'>
          <b:if cond='data:blog.url != data:post.url'>
            <a expr:href='data:post.url'><data:post.title/></a>
  • and Change it with <H1 [Change all H3 to H1]
  • Change all H3 tags with H1 tag
  • Done ..Wait for few weeks you can find the change in Google SERP.
  • Your Blog pages will show in Google Search Page.
A lot of other tips and tricks like how to add more blogger widgets, add social book marking baar, add new sidebar, add facebook lik box , post google adse inside or below the post title , google adse between post,Horizontal manu bar for blogger, image slider for blogger.Please keep wathcing flash for blogger templates, and a lot of other tricks for blogger users. 

Making Your Blog Visible To Search Engines

Are you searching about help Making Your Blog Visible To Search Engines then you are right here.

here are some steps. follow please.
If you’re into blogging, it is important to know how to get your blog noticed, otherwise you won’t get that much readers. Below are some of tips I’ll be sharing on making your blog easily visible to search engines, so it’s easier for you to increase your audience.
1. Submit your blog to different and reputable search engines like Google and Bing. It’s one of the simplest ways to effectively increase visibilty to your readers. You can also create sitemaps.
2. Adjust your blog’s privacy settings. You need to set the privacy settings to public and allow search engines to index your blog so it can easily be visible.
3. Select an attractive and unique blog template. The site’s appearance is the first thing a visitor will ever see, so by having a beautiful, clean and sleek design, you can attract more followers. But be careful in selecting a design. Pick the theme that will mostly help convert your posts. Go for a more professional look if you want to promote your brand.
4. Use social networking and bookmarking sites. Social networking and bookmarking sites have the power to connect to a lot of people all over the globe, so use them to your advantage. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. are especially useful tools in expanding your network.
5. Update your blog often and regularly. If your blog has been noticed already by viewers, you need to populate it with fresh updates on a regular basis so people will always be looking forward to visiting it.
6. Interact with your readers. Constant interaction and activity with your audience is a must if you want your blog to get noticed. Allow readers to post comments on your posts and reply to them. This increases your blog’s chances of being visible because of keywords written by your readers.

a lot of other tips and tricks like how to add more blogger widgets, add social book marking baar, add new sidebar, add facebook lik box , post google adse inside or below the post title , google adse between post,Horizontal manu bar for blogger, image slider for blogger, flash for blogger templates, and a lot of other tricks for blogger users. 


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