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When You have to Tag External Links as nofollow?

Understanding Google’s algorithm for PageRank is really essential in order to rank higher on search engine results. I have already explained that PageRank is not much importantcompared to Alexa Rank. But if you wish to compete well on SERPS then understanding its algo is very important. The entire infrastructure or foundation of Google is mainly based on backlinks. The more backlinks your site have the more its significance increases in the eyes of Google. It is very important to keep a balance between incoming links and outgoing links. Your incoming links are the backbone of your blogs success. Incoming links are links that come from other websites to your blog. When people like your content they will mention you on their site by giving a credit link or attribution link and the more backlinks you receive the more you grow in sense of authority and trust in internet.

What are Internal and External Links?

Internal links are links pointing to any page within your site. For example If I link an old post I am actually increasing the number of my internal links. Always keep internal links as DoFollow
Never make the mistake of adding a nofollow link to any of your internal page. Increase the number of inbound links as much as you can so that search robots may enjoy crawling and indexing your pages.
External Links are links that point to other sites from you site. In other words when you link to any site on the web you are actually increasing the number of your outbound or external links. Keep external links minimum. Link other webs only when necessary.

When should you add a nofollow or dofollow Tag to external Link?

If you have observed my PageRank dropped from PR 4.0 to PR 3.0  on first Google Update but just yesterday Alhamdulillah I got back my PR. I can not claim that it took place because of the changes I made but I can assure you the steps I learnt and applied will benefit MBT in future. Its true to say that you learn from your mistakes and I have learnt a lot from some of the mistakes that I made and this is one reason why I am sharing this post today.
I was linking all major websites like Facebook and Google services blindly because somewhere I had read that linking major social networks will improve your blog’s relevance and its respect and trust will increase in the eyes of search robots because linking big sites shows that you are writing on something worth sharing and Google always makes sure to promote blogs that provide quality tutorials by discussing products availed by major web services.. But whatever I read earlier was all wrong! because I have personally experienced the pros and cons now. How? Lets first understand what exactly is PageRank and what increases or decreases its value.
In layman terms when more and more sites link to you the more your PageRank increases. PR algorithm or in other words the entire Google infrastructure is based on promoting sites that are recommended (backlinked) by other websites with good reputation. Therefore if a site has PR0 it means, that site is not well trusted and does not publish content that can entertain Google users. But if a site or blog has PR > 1 then it means, that site has now some importance in the eyes of search robots. Robots enjoy crawling PR ranked sites several times per day. MBT is Alhamdulillah crawled every single second by Search Spiders. The moment we publish a post the next moment it appears on Google search listings. This is because the more PR you have the faster your site gets crawled.
In short more backlinks you have, the better your site gets crawled and the faster your traffic grows. Furthermore you will succeed in attracting sponsors too. That’s what PR is all about.
Got PR? Now how to flow the PR Juice wisely?
After your blog receives a PR increase it does not mean that you should party out and yell and scream out of excitement rather you should know that now you need to be more careful in maintaining the PR. It takes months to build it and few days to loose the PR. PR Increases only when your incoming links grow. When more and more site link to you, your PageRank improves. Whenever you link to an internal page (Page Within your site)  or an external page (Other websites)  you are basically sharing the PR juice with those pages. If you keep on linking external pages blindly then on next PR update you will experience a PR drop because you shared your bottle of juice with others therefore your share of juice decreased. So what to do then? Follow up
Read more on PR Juice & Linking internal pages here…
Which links should you tag as nofollow?
To make sure that your homepage may not loose the PR, simply add a nofollow tag to links that point to external sites. When robots crawl your content they look for links on your page and if you have tagged a link as nofollow then robots will crawl it as normal text and they will not bother looking at where the link is taking them. This prevents the PR flow to those sites tagged as nofollow. Always link mega sites and social networks as nofollow but never add a nofollow tag to any internal page. Some examples include:
  1. Facebook Profiles, Pages, Developers page etc
  2. Google Services such as Gmail, Google+, Adsense, Feedburner, Blogger, YouTube etc.
  3. Mozilla and Chrome and other browser add-on pages
  4. Microsoft, Yahoo, Google
  5. Torrent links, rapidshare links, megashare links etc etc.
  6. Demo, Download and Iframed Pages
  7. and Thousand others…
To learn how to add a nofollow tag to a link please read this post:
  • How To Tag Links as Nofollow?
So which links should be tagged as dofollow?
In real terminology there is nothing such as dofollow Tag When you leave a link in its original form without adding a nofollow tag then it means that the link is dofollow. The spiders will crawl the link, index it and will count it as an external link thereby sharing your PR juice with that external page that you have linked. So which should be kept as normal? The answer is: All Internal Links/Inbound Links and niche links.
Internal links will help spiders crawl your pages more deeply and they will get indexed often. When you link to a previous relevant post, the spider will go and check where the link is taking him thus re-indexing the previous post. This improves your search listings.
Niche links can be can not be dofollow. Always give a link to a friend’s blog or to a blog that shares the same content as you do. Of course you are linking to him because you liked his content and you wish to share his content with your readers. This is also a polite thing and more importantly when that person finds that you have linked to him then may be someday he would link to you too as a thanksgiving. Most people make network friends this way.
Now lets see how Google supports whatever I shared today:

I hope this little post may help most of you in better understanding in-page and off-page link building. If you have any question you are most welcomed to post your query. Hope you utilize and maintain your PageRanks well because after all that is one proof of your hard work. Good day friends. :>

These contents were taken from myblogger tricks


blogger seo settings

Its big, its exciting and its worth an applause! Blogger finally introducedthe most awaited SEO features for Google hosted BlogSpot blogs. Blogger Team is trying every possible effort to get closer to its biggest competitor Wordpress in terms of development. Its believed that BlogSpot blogs are not well optimized due to limited Search Engine optimization features but with the introduction of Meta Description for individual posts, custom redirection for broken links, nofollow attribute, 404 error pages, custom robots.txt and robot header tagsfeatures, blogger surprised almost everyone today. The problem of wrong post description appearing in social networks like Facebook and Google+ will all be solved thanks to Meta Tags for posts and pages. We will look into each feature one by one so that you may understand clearly the importance of these technical SEO terms.

What are the new Search Features?

Six important SEO options have been added to Blogger in draft which are:
  1. Meta Tags for Homepage and Sub-pages
  2. 404 Error Page
  3. Custom Redirects for broken links
  4. Custom Robots.txt         For Advanced users
  5. Custom robots header tags     For Advanced users
  6. Nofollow attribute for post Editor links
Caution: Out of six new features only two which relate to crawling and indexing of search robots are restricted for Advanced users. I would therefore recommend not to play with them because wrong settings can terribly effect search credibility of your blog therefore keep them as default.
To set the new SEO settings do this:
  1. Go To
  2. Then Go to Settings > Search preferences
search preferences
Now here you will see three important sub-sections which we will discuss one by one.

Meta Tags

The word meta here refers to Meta Description. It tells visitors what your blog is all about. In search engine results page it looks like this:
meta description for homepage
Previously we would manually set meta description for blog homepage but now you can set it using this page. So what's new? The new addition is that by enabling this feature, metadescription for Posts will activate and you can then configure Description for posts using the blog post editor. To activate this option do this:
  1. Click the Edit link
  2. Choose "Enable Search Description?"
  3. In box define your blog in no more than 150 characters. Use our Character Counter Tool
Note: You must write the same description here that you have written manually inside your templates.
meta description
      4.   Click Save changes
     5.   Since the above description wont work correctly in custom templates therefore we need to insert some code inside the template. Please go to Design > Edit HTML   and just below <head>  paste the following code for meta description:
<b:if cond='data:blog.metaDescription != &quot;&quot;'>
  <meta expr:content='data:blog.metaDescription' name='description'/>
        6.   Save your template and all done!
Meta Description For Posts
Now open Blogger post editor and you will see a new option for post description:
post description in blogger
Now make it your hobby to write a one line description for every post that you publish. Write no more than 150 characters  or 15 keyword phrases. By doing this every new post that you publish will have a separate clean description that will attract more visitors by providing precise description of what you post is all about instead of a chopped random  snippet of text chosen by search robot. This will help both robots in better indexing your posts and also Facebook and Google+ to display correct description for your posts.

Errors and redirections

Most of you know that Google webmasters give you several links which are either broken or no more exits. Broken links refer to Pages that no more exits on your blog because for some reason you may have deleted them. Now if some website is linking one of your posts that you deleted then you wont get the reward of the PageRank juice from that website to yours instead if people click that link they will land no where in your blog and will see a 404 Page not found error. There was no concept of a 404 error page before instead this page would appear:
 blogger page not found
But now you can create your own custom 404 error page. Check ours by writing anything illogical at the end of our blog URL in your address bar or simply click here
404 error page blogger
Therefore in order to redirect deleted post links to new links and create a custom 404 Error page do this:
404 Error Page
  1. Click the Edit link next to Custom Page Not Found
  2. Inside the box write a message that you want to display when readers land on a missing page (404 page):
404 error page
You can write any message inside this box using simple HTML but once you click save changes and see how your error page looks, you will see that it looks dull and grey and appear inside an ugly box. In order to give it a good designed look with custom CSS styles just like ours then kindly wait for my next post.
Broken Link Redirection
custom redirects in blogger
  1. Click the edit link next to Custom Redirects
  2. Click the  checkbox to simplify the options
  3. Now you get a From and To input options
  4. Insert the link of your deleted Post inside From box and insert the link of your new post inside To box.
  5. Click Save changes
You can create several redirects by clicking the New redirect button. If you are confused where to redirect a deleted page or post then you can simply redirect all broken links to your Homepage in order to flow all PageRank juice there.

Crawlers and indexing

Do not worry, its not that advanced and horrifying! :)
This section includes two options which are robots.txt and robot header tags. You may not touch the robots.txt option however you can manage settings for robot header  tags  severed to search engines. All our long techy SEO tutorials that provided solution for optimizing Blogger pages, posts, homepage, archive and search pages can now be implemented with a simple click of a mouse.
The robots meta tag lets you control how an individual page should be indexed and served to users in search results. In order to keep things simple use the following settings as shown in the screenshot below:
robots header tags settings
The above recommended settings will tell search engines to index your homepage and all its content, to index your posts and pages but must not index archives and should also not take description suggestions from Open Directory Project (noopd).
Normally, search engines use resources like the Open Directory Project (noopd) and the Yahoo! Directory (noydir) to find titles and descriptions for your content. Generally, you will not want them to do this. The noodp tag prevents them from doing so.
What does unavailable_after Meta tag does?
Though you wont need them but for understanding we would explain it. Most blogs promote seasonal products by writing posts. If you are promoting a new product offer on monthly basis which would expire the next month then you must tell search spiders to stop indexing the old product posts and index the latest one. This will help spiders to give more importance to your latest posts than old repeated posts.

rel nofollow

To understand what is a nofollow link attribute and when should you use it, then kindly read this tutorial:
  • When should you nofollow an external link?

Internal links should never be tagged as nofollow. See What Matt Cutts recommends

These Contents are taken from myblogger tricks

Increase traffic in your blogger blog or in your website very fast

Today I will show you how to Increase traffic in your blogger blog or in your website very fast.The main aim for making the blog on blogger is to getting traffic on the blog and there are many ways to get the traffic on your site. Its very easy you have to keep updating your blog and do some work onsocial media and linking and you will get your traffic after the time passed. 

Here i am showing you some major techniques which allows you get maximum traffic to your blogger blog. You just have to do some little work on it.

There are many sources that you can increase the visitors to your site but here i am showing you the ways that not only enhance your traffic but also cause to increase your site visibility on search engines. here they are,

  •  Facebook page and group posting
  • Yahoo answers and groups
  • Tumblr, twitter and other social media post
  • Guest post on your related niche sites
  • Google adword traffic
  • High traffic blog comments
  • forum posting on high PR
  • Google plus traffic
  • Press releases, news and classified submit
 Now just in final case your are qualify for all of that ways i mentions above you will not only get traffic from it but also increase your site ranking overall in search engines.

Facebook Page and Group Post:                                                     

As everybody know the importance of like on Facebook and its traffic, You must make an official page of your site on facebook, Add it on your site to like your website page, Go and search facebook groups join the groups which has more then 20,000 members and post your website on it. This way you will get many visitors to your site for free.
(If you direct post your facbook fan page url, you will get maximum likes to your site)

Yahoo Answers and Groups:                                                          

Yahoo answers and groups are also best place to get traffic to your website you can enhance your site links and visitors by using this method, You must post your site where its relevant to it. Like if your site is all about fashion then you have to link it to fashion topic question or groups in  yahoo, It will also increase site performance.

Twitter Tumblr and other social network:                                    

You should also make some profiles on twittertumblr and other social networks like Xanga, Linkedin. Delicious, Pintrest and many more. On that point you will also get little but traffic but its increase your site ranking in Google search engine and you will got many powerful visitors to your site. If the social points not bring the visitors then it really cause to make you better in search eyes.

Guest Post on Related Websites:                                                    

That's the most powerful way to get instant traffic to your website if you find some related to your niche sites simple contact them and ask that you have some good articles and want to publish on there website, If you article is good and enough you got approved, Now simple in article foot add little description about your site and article writer, That's it when someone read's it they surely get involved in your site while clicking on the link that you leave on the footer of article.
Suppose your site is all about seo tips then the big site which accept the guest post is just have to signup on it and provide the valuable content on it, Remember your article not only should be unique but also provide the unique idea on it. At this time of posting its Alexa rank is 256

Google Adword Traffic:                                                                 

There is also another way to get the target traffic to your website, you just have to add a campaign toGoogle adword which is pay method to do, you have to pay per click on your site to get traffic, this is fully target traffic, you need to put the keywords and some description to add the profile, minimum you can get 0.02$ per click to your aid.

Blog comments:                                                                              

At this time even blog comments comes into the spam category in google eyes, but still you can get better traffic from it, Some high pr blogs and high level alexa traffic rank sites you can get better traffic for you. Sites like, and other major sites still bring some better visitors to your website. Just try to get it. Must leave relevant comment to get faster approval.

Forum Posting:                                                                               

Forums are also better way to get targated traffic to your site, if you are good internet searcher you can try to find top alexa rank forums where the traffic should be huge, can also incrase your site traffic. I would like to show some sites like skyscrapercity.comforums.seochat.comforums.digitalpoint.comare most common and well know websites. you can try to get post your site link in thread reply.

Press Release News Classifieds:                                                   

You should try to get post on press release sites like, and these are the most powerful sites or you have to search in google for top press release websites and then post you information on it.

You can also bring some serious visitors from classifieds websites, you should post some classifieds on and and some other high traffic websites. With this way you can also get the better traffic to your website.

If you want your traffic in your website or blog very fast then contact me +92323-7591466.
Keep looking my website

increased My Blogger Blog Subscription Rate

Most of bloggers use this word to convince readers to subscribe : subscribe !! 
A week and a half ago I had a sudden realization. Subscriptions generally cost money. Think about that for a second. It’s jarring, especially if you’ve spent the past few months or even years incessantly asking your readers to subscribe.

Word Association

The percentage of readers who misunderstand what you mean when you ask them to subscribe is largely dependent on your niche. Readers who know what RSS is probably aren’t confused by the terminology, but most web users have no clue about RSS.
I’ve found that a good measure of reader savviness is a blog’s split between RSS and e-mail subscribers – the higher the percentage of RSS subscribers, the more savvy the readership. I write a blog about entry-level jobs for new college graduates. Despite what you might think of the younger generation, the vast majority of my site’s visitors are not familiar with RSS. 55% of my subscribers get my daily posts through e-mail.
From what I’ve heard from other bloggers this is well above average, and I believe that my percentage of e-mail subscribers would be even higher had less savvy readers not been scared off because they thought “subscribing” would cost them money. These are the readers who think of magazines when they hear “subscribe.”
They think of paying to get something.

Great Theory! Now Back It Up

I use Google Analytics’ outbound click tracking on my blog so that I can analyze the subscription behavior of my readers. This method misses RSS subscriptions from the address bar, but the people who subscribe in that way are probably the most savvy readers and are basically irrelevant to this case study.
Most of my subscribers use one of the two large buttons on my site. The buttons used to include the text “Subscribe by E-mail” and “Subscribe by RSS” along with appropriate graphics. After I had my epiphany, I switched the text to “Get Jobs by E-mail” and “Get Jobs by RSS.”
I instantly saw results.
New Subscribers
The above graph shows the trend in clicks to my RSS feed and e-mail subscription buttons for the 8 days prior to the change and the 8 days after the change. My subscription rate has increased 254% since I made the change, and 66% of the new subscribers are e-mail subscribers.
This is in line with my hypothesis that the people who misunderstand the word “subscribe” are the same people who will choose e-mail over RSS. Although they may not be web savvy, these readers are extremely valuable. It is essential in all copywriting that you avoid unclear jargon, even if it’s not jargon to you.

Words Make All the Difference

OK, so I haven’t proven that my readers actually associated the word “subscribe” with paying money. The only way to prove that is by surveying readers.
But I believe I have shown that very small changes in word choice based on well-thought-out theories can have a significant influence on the actions that you urge your readers to take. Whether or not my theory on the connotations associated with the word “subscribe” is accurate is irrelevant. It’s results that matter, and changing one word on my blog has given me outstanding results.
When readers visit my site, I now invite them to “Get Jobs by E-mail.” Brian encourages readers to get “E-mail Updates,” and he did this way before I submitted this article to him.
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How to Add Meta Tag to Blogger/Blogspot

Most of us use to start their free blog which may be for making money or sharing your knowledge, voice through blogging. But if your blog is not Search Engine Friendly than you can not archive your goal. For this purpose you need to make your blog fully Search Engine Optimized and add meta tag to blogger so that people searching their keywords will easily knows your site. Just follow following simple steps to add meta tag to blogger.

Step 1:

Go to Blogger Dashboard > Design > Edit Html and search for <head>

Step 2:

Delete Every Thing From <head> to <b:skin><![CDATA[

Step 3:

Place following code just after <head>
<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>
 <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'>
 <title><data:blog.pageName/> - <data:blog.title/></title>
 <meta content='Your Blog Description here!' name='description'/>
 <meta content='Your Keywords here!' name='keywords'/>
 <meta content='Author Name here!' name='Author'/>
 <meta content='Author Email Address here!' name='Email'/>
 <meta content='document' name='resource-type'/>
 <meta content='all' name='audience'/>
 <meta content='general' name='rating'/>
 <meta content='all' name='robots'/>
 <meta content='index, follow' name='robots'/>
 <meta content='id' name='language'/>
 <meta content='id' name=''/>
 <meta content='global' name='distribution'/>
 <meta content='1 days' name='revisit-after'/>
 <meta content='Indonesia' name='geo.placename'/>


To add your own description, title, keywords. Please replace all above words with your desire words! as shown below.

Blog Description : Write your blog description
Blog Keywords : Write the keywords of your blog
Blog Author : Write the author’s name(Your name)
Email Address : Write your Email address

Step 4:

Click on Save Template.

your blog is full Search Engine Friendly. 
If you face any problem. Just Drop your comment. I will be able to help you about blogger Search engine optimization.
We have great collection of Best tricks and tutorials, is a Blog Providing with Blogger widgets, help, blogger tips, blogger tricks, hacks, Blogger Gadgets,Plugins and Blogger resources with great skills and templates.practical SEO Tips and all things Blogging,is about Blog tricks & tips, Traffic generation, Backlinks, Search engine optimization, Web designing, E money, Social media, Facebook tricks,Blogging Discussion, Tips & Tricks,logging tips, tricks, how-tos, news, tools and resources, bloggingtrainings.blogspot presented in easy to understand tutorials.Keep visiting us if any links is not working or you want sme more help, then keep looging at contact us 0323-7591466.

Get Free EDU BackLinks for blogger and websites

If you are searching for free .edu website to build b backLink, I invite you to read this article (How To Get Free EDU BackLinks) and get A list of free .edu backlink providing sites to increase your rank.

Why .edu BackLinks?
.EDU Backlinks are incoming links to a blog or website from .edu sites or blog that whav e power to increase your ranking in google and alexa.
backlinks from other then .edu site have also power but the power of .edu site will break all simple site and boost your ranking. Usually, edu sites are colleges or universities and they only link to valid resources and google trust them ,so if you get back links from this site that’s mean your site is doing good.

How To Get Free EDU BackLinks For your Blogger blog?
there is a tricky way that you can find a edu sites by searching in Google with these terms. Just copy the below lines and paste it in Google Search Engine, then start opening from No-1 and start buliding backLinks to get higher ranking. “blog” “log in / create account”
How To Get Free EDU BackLinks?
1.) Just Open The Following Links.
2.) Register Or Comment On These.
3.) Fill Your Correct Information With Your Site/Blog Link.
4.) Visit You Link On Second Day And Ping It.
5.) Your Site/Blog Is Ready To Rock.
We have great collection of Best tricks and tutorials, is a Blog Providing with Blogger widgets, help, blogger tips, blogger tricks, hacks, Blogger Gadgets,Plugins and Blogger resources with great skills and templates.practical SEO Tips and all things Blogging,is about Blog tricks & tips, Traffic generation, Backlinks, Search engine optimization, Web designing, E money, Social media, Facebook tricks,Blogging Discussion, Tips & Tricks,logging tips, tricks, how-tos, news, tools and resources, bloggingtrainings.blogspot presented in easy to understand tutorials.Keep visiting us if any links is not working or you want sme more help, then keep looging at contact us 0323-7591466.

Live Writer Blogging software,offline blogging

We can do blogging offline with this software. With growing technology like Windows Live Writer blogging is no more limited to your dashboard. You can write, save and publish posts right from your computer without signing in your blogger account. Blogger HTML editor lacks many features when it comes to writing a good looking post. On contrary windows live writer is a software built by Microsoft Corporation which contains every feature that Blogger lacks.
I hate blogging without Windows Live Writer! I am sure many bloggers would agree with me on this point.
 Windows live writer

Some of the things you can’t do with Blogger HTML editor are,
  • You can not write HTML code just the way it looks in blogger editor because the code is interpreted as a command and blogger editor converts it to how it may look in a browser.
  • You can’t resize an image to whatever size you like because you are provided with only three options i.e Small, Medium and Large size.
  • The font type and font size is limited.
  • You can not undo what you have done (Going backward).
  • You can’t align images to the left or right of your intro paragraph.
  • You can not add effects to your images, like shadow effect, rounded corners, emboss, blur etc.
  • You can not post an image in its original size
  • You can not insert tables in your posts because no table option exists
  • You can not open a link in a new window unless you edit the HTML
  • You can not add a world map to your posts
  • And much more……………
You can not do all above in a compose mode unless you add or change the HTML code in your HTML editor. But editing HTML would seem difficult for a newbie whilst pretty easy for a professional. Since most people like me have limited knowledge about editing HTML, blogger editor is of little use to all of us. Luckily! Windows Live Writer comes to our rescue. It can to do what ever blogger editor can not. It contains every feature a blogger is looking for. One of the best things I like about it is that it saves a copy of your blog interface/theme and when you write posts, it will be just like writing a post straight into your blog. See the image below to understand what I mean to say,
windows live writer interface
Moreover your images can be displayed in two different ways look below,
image thumbnail in windows live writerSelecting the photo album option will display your images in a scattered style (with a view album link below your scattered images),
Scattered album with windows live writer
So go and download it right now by clicking the link below.
To download the Latest version directly from windows live site then click here
If you get an error saying that “your windows installer is out dated” then run the following setup (below) before windows live setup (above)
Download Latest Windows installer here

Which is best WordPress or Blogger?

which blogging platform to choose to start your blogging career? The major blogging hosting platforms are no doubt Blogger and WordPress. Now to judge which one is better I have written a detailed comparison chart below that will be of great help in making a smart decision.
Note:- I am not an employee of either Blogger or WordPress. The below chart is solely my personal research.
WordPress VS Blogger Comparison Chart 2010. © My Blogger Tricks

Template CustomizationOffers Free Layout/Style Sheet Customization
No style sheet customization. Payment required
Tutorials/HelpInnumerable Tutorials on Blogger TricksHardly someBlogger
Number of un-official ThemesInnumerable Designers Creating Free Templates each dayFew Designers Involved
in offering free templates
Coding UsedUses user friendly scripting and coding i.e HTML, XML, CSSUses advance scripting like php that few can understandBlogger
Dashboard InterfaceHighly user friendly. Easy to navigate.Complicated Interface with hectic navigationBlogger
Default Template CollectionLimited Collection Of Default templates mostly un-professionalOver 70+ high quality TemplatesWordPress
Default Template can be replaced by a more free professional templateNo template change allowedBlogger
WidgetsInnumerable Official and Un official Widgets availableLimited Official widgets available. Rarely few un- official gadgets available.Blogger
CommentsNo commenting editing. Moderation allowed. No Spam protection. No user friendly comment formComments can be edited and moderated. Spam protection available. User friendly comment formWordPress
SEO, OptimizationThough Owned by Google, no favoritism. Manual optimization is requiredOwned by a private party. Meta Tags Plugins used. Easy To optimizeBoth
Blog PrivacyYou can limit access to your blog to 100 Authors and 100 readers. All must be Google account holders.You can limit access to your blog to 35 Wordpress account holders. Posts can be password protected or Private.Blogger
Comment restrictionYou can restrict comments to Google account holders, Open ID users or Any one (includes Anonymous)Comments can not be restricted. Anyone can commentBlogger
Blog ImportOnly from one BlogSpot blog to anotherA Blog can be imported from another WordPress blog or from Blogger, Yahoo! 360, LiveJournal and Movable Type and TypePadWordPress
Posts and Comment NotificationAuthors and subscribers can be notified of latest posts and comments via EmailSame hereBoth
Comment VerificationAsks users to verify if they are humans using a 4-6 digit codeDoes not asks for any verification.
More spam effected
Video Storage LimitUnlimited with Google Video and an upload limit of 16GBJust 3GB. More space on upgrade.Blogger
Image storage limit1 Gigabyte With Picasa Web Albums3 Gigabytes. More space can be gained through upgrade.
You can also upload.ppt.doc.odt and.pdf files
File type StorageOnly allows image uploadingAllows upload of files like .ppt, pdf .doc and .odt files.
More file types can be uploaded on upgrading.
Blog StatsDoes not have any default stats system. But allows third party tracking scripts.Has a default visitor stats system that shows statistics for two days only and does not provide detailed stats reports.
Does not allow third party tracking scripts.
Blog co-partners100 Google account holders can be added as Administrators or Authors35 WordPress account holders can be added as Administrators, Editors, Authors or Contributors.Blogger
AdvertisementsDisplays no advertisement of its own on your blog.Displays discreet AdSense advertisements on your blog for small percentage of the page viewsBlogger
Posts By EmailHas a Mail-to-Blogger feature which turns any email account into a blog-posting applicationPosts can be published using emailsBoth
Post Feed On Mobile PhonesSupportedNot SupportedBlogger


When choosing a blogging service three things are most important than anything else which are,
  1. Template Editing
  2. Huge Image Storage Capacity
  3. Huge Video Storage Capacity
Believe it or not Blogger has all these three features and is undoubtedly a blessing to millions of teenagers and people from other classes who can’t afford to pay online. The Template editing feature of Blogger is one of its best feature. Within a year of blogging a guy like me who didn’t even know what CSS, HTML, XML meant, is now playing with codes day and night. Blogger made my life meaningful and interesting and will surely be a blessing to you too. Blogger is surely the best free Blogging Service available in Blogosphere if equipped with a good web hosting service.

Which one do you think is the best?

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